A Small story about the Kyoto Protocol

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom of ‘Humania’, the animals agreed to build a dam to prevent the annual flood of the river which was set to destroy their homes and burrows, turning the valley into an uninhabitable swamp.

When they agreed to build the dam they decided that it just has to hold for a few seasons. In the meantime they would plan another higher and stronger dam that will stop any flood in the future.

Not all animals helped in the construction; it was flawed and from time to time it would leak. While major flooding has been kept at bay, little streams have developed – turning precious meadows into swampy flood lands.

The animals debated plans for the new dam, but no solution could be found. In order to prevent the big flood, this important decision needed all the animals, both small and large, to work together.

The turtle, although it can swim, was scared, because if the big flood were to arrive, it would be washed into the open sea, where it would be lost forever.

The eagle didn’t help construct the first dam because it could simply fly over the flood. It was not considering that his nest relied on the safety of the grounded trees.

The beaver, who helped to build the first dam, decided to opt out this time, rather to use some of the sticks of the dam to build a new fancy holiday condo on the banks of the river.

The wolf is dubious, a friend to those in the forest, but covering himself in a sheepskin hen he talk those in the grassland.

The local zebras also had their part to play, each individually striped, but all acting together as a herd.

One day all the animals assembled in a big clearing of the forest to finally come to an agreement. They argued for days and days. The rabbits, antelope, mice, hedgehogs and peacocks all pleaded to the animals of the kingdom: ‘we need to agree to repair the old dam and start with the new one immediately’.

Their sense was ignored, they were argued against and no end was in sight.

After the first drops of rain fall from the cloudy sky, the lion entered the clearing and raised his voice. ‘Animals of the Kingdom, we must decide now, do we want to leave the valley forever or work together; honestly and trusting in each other to save our common home?”

The animals are on a crossroad to decide their fate.
The animals in the story are like us!

This raises two question for us:

Who has the courage to be the lion in our story…. and how many valleys does humanity have to choose from?

Welcher Staat wird in Durban den Löwen in sich entdecken?


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