Die lange Nacht von Durban

Als wir am Freitagabend in Jo’burg in den Flieger nach London stiegen waren die Verhandlungen gerade verlängert worden. Nun zurück in Deutschland zieht sich die COP17 noch immer weiter in die Länge.Kurz nach unserer Abreise aus Durban zog die bisher größte Demonstration innerhalb des Konferenzgelände (illegal) durch das ICC.Vertreter der Zivilgesellschaft unter großer Beteiligung der Jugend-NGOs marschieren durch das Konferenzentrum. Die illigale Aktion führt dazu, dass viele NGO-Delegierte überweigend von Greenpeace des Geländes verwiesen wurden. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj7m9KmSn20

Wir durften nun offiziell die längste Klimakonferenz der Geschichte miterleben. Die bloße Länge zeigt, der Druck war schon einmal erfolgreich, denn die Staaten haben erkannt, dass die Menschen der Erde ein Ergebnis aus Durban erwarten. Eben sagte die COP Presidentin: „let’s make history tonight, let’s meet climate change tonight. It always seems impossible until it is done“. Es sieht so aus, als ob die letzte und entscheidene Phase der Verhandlungen begonnen haben.

Impressionen aus der laufenden Verhandlung:

EU: „When we have a global problem voluntary solutions will not work. I can look at other examples in history to show this. International problems require international legislation. This is a lesson we have learnt here. It is the only way. We can agree here to a legal deal. Science tells us that we are already late, let’s try and have a legal deal by 2018.“ I can hear the cheers through the corridors. The EU are alight aren’t they!

Kolumbien : „we cannot accept a deal at 2020. it is too late.we cannot accept an agreement that will affect the future of our people. we have worked so hard and hope to get an agreement and we add our voice to the EU. Lets have a legal convention that applies 2018.“

Granada: “While they develop, we die in the process. Why should we accept this? This little island I am from is where I get my dignity from. The point is what do we leave here with? What do we tell our people when we get home?” Großer Applaus von Vertretern der Zivilgesellschaft.

Indien: “does climate change mean you give up equity? This is not about India, it is about the world. Unless you agree to drop weak wording over legal agreements. Is it the case that certain countries say something and the rest of the world have to agree. Well, I am sorry but India will never be intimidated by these nations. How can I sign a blank cheque to sign away the rights of 1.2billion people in the developing world. I wonder if there is an effort here to shift the problem here to countries that have not contributed to this problem. This is a weak text. Is there something going on here? This historic city if saying goodbye to equity and to common but differentiated responsibility” India are furious. They are furious at USA. Developing nations are being threatened and bullied.”

Bolivien: expresses outrage at “one nation who have used vastly more than others and ensured others live in poverty and misery as they abuse the global environment. Today it is a rich industrial nation and others are struggling to develop. Those who are rich today and have abused the atmosphere are refusing to sign up and want us to do so. This is not responsible. The USA negotiator didn’t even give him the dignity to stay in the room as Bolivia spoke.”

Das Ministermeeting kann im Livestream im Internet verfolgt werden:


Guckt Euch den Livestream an es lohnt sich wirklich!

Die verbliebenen YOUNGO-Vertreter twittern und facebooken live aus dem ICC. Der neuseeländische Umweltaktivist Sir Peter Blake, der letzten Samstag seinen 10. Todestag hatte sagte einmal: „Having vision is not enough. Change comes through realising the vision and turning it into a reality. It is easy to espouse worthy goals, values and policies; the hard part is implementation.“

Wir warten, wir hoffen… und schauen auf Durban.


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